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Download WinCvs / MacCvs / gCvs.

Links are pointing to the SourceForge project site which automatically provides a list of download mirrors.

WinCvs Releases

WinCvs releases come in three flavours:
  • Development Builds are the most up-to-date releases with the biggest feature-set and highest number of fixed known issues. They are also the least tested and most experimental builds so they might introduce major yet unknown issues. You should not use these builds in a production environment.
  • Recommended Builds are what becomes of the development builds if no serious issues get reported against them for a reasonable amount of time. These are reportedly stable and thus recommended for novice users and critical environments.
  • Milestone Builds are considered "feature-complete" and sufficiently stable but no more active development will be done on them unless major issues crop up before the next development builds have suffciently stabilized again. Until this point Milestones will also be the Recommended builds.

    Latest Recommended Release: WinCvs (released 2005-08-15)
    [Download Installer] [Download "Bare" Installer] [Release Notes] [Download Source]
    Note: The "Bare" installer is a stripped-down installer without the CVSNT binaries. You could use this if you have already installed CVSNT or want to download and install it separately.
    Latest Development Release: WinCvs 2.0.9 (released 2007-01-30)
    [Download Installer] [Release Notes] [Download Source]
    Note: The "Bare" installer is no longer supported.
    Latest Milestone Release: WinCvs (released 2005-08-15)
    [Download Installer] [Download "Bare" Installer] [Release Notes] [Download Source]
    Note: The "Bare" installer is a stripped-down installer without the CVSNT binaries. You could use this if you have already installed CVSNT or want to download and install it separately.

WinCvs Supplementals

WinCvs depends on several third-party software packages, most of them optional, which you might have to download separately:
  • CVSNT is required by WinCvs 1.3 and later for basic CVS functionality. The latest stable CVSNT binaries at the time of release are already included in the WinCvs installer. It is sometimes recommended to update these independently of WinCvs if any critical bugs get fixed in CVSNT before WinCvs has released another Recommended Build.
  • Python is used by WinCvs 1.3.5 and later for scripting support (i.e. Macros). This is completely optional. The minimum requirement if you do want to use it is Python 2.1 but a few macros won't run without Python 2.2 or later. Other macros might require the Win32 extensions for Python which you could get either standalone or as part of the ActivePython distribution.
  • TCL is used by WinCvs for scripting support and the console shell. It is also completely optional. If you are using WinCvs 1.3.11 or later with Python 2.2 or later you don't need it at all as in that case WinCvs will just use the TCL binaries that already come with the standard Python distribution. (Note: if you're having trouble with TCL and WinCvs 1.2 take a look at this FAQ item)

    CVSNT Download Options
    [CVSNT Homepage]
    Note: If you don't intend to use the CVSNT server components, the "Precompiled binaries" package will be sufficient for upgrading the CVSNT client of WinCvs.
    Python Download Options
    [Python Homepage] [PyWin32 Homepage] [ActivePython Homepage]
    TCL Download Options
    [ActiveTCL Homepage]

MacCvs Releases

MacCvsX 3.3 *BETA* / Client Only / Binaries (Mac OS X) / Sources

  • New: native Mach-O MacCvs for OSX. Use independantly of MacCvs Carbon.
  • New: uses native embedded CVSNT command line tool.
  • New: for OSX only, uses Unix line feed and native ssh.
  • New: configurable "skip dialogs" for fast Update, Diff, Graph, Status and Annotate.
  • New: tag/branch and module/list browser.
  • New: Python macros.
  • New: more options for many CVS(NT) commands

  • MacCvsX-3.3-beta1 (2007-08-24)

MacCvsX 3.2 *BETA* / Client Only / Binaries (Carbon)

MacCvs 3.1 *STABLE* / Client Only / Binaries (Classic MacOS 8/9)

MacCvs 3.1 *STABLE* / Client Only / Sources

gCvs Releases

gCvs 1.0 *STABLE* / Client + Local + Server / Binaries / Source
  • New: See the announcement.
  • Require GTK >= 1.2.
  • Require TCL >= 8.3.
  • binary RPMs for i386 are built on SuSE Linux 7.3 and require TCL >= 8.4
  • Further formats will follow

    gcvs-1.0 (2003-01-20)

gCvs 1.0 *BETA* / Client + Local + Server / Binaries / Source

  • New: Check cvs binary for support of '-cvsgui'
  • New: Doxygen script to build SourceDoc for gcvs
  • New: Spinbox for tcp-compression added
  • New: Solve some TCL problem
  • New: 'alternate cvs' checkbox added
  • New: Ignore whitespace and case checkbox in DiffDlg added
  • New: Compiler errors solved
  • New: many bugfixes
  • Require GTK >= 1.2. RPMs for i386 are built on SuSE 7.3

    gcvs-1.0rc1 (2002-12-19)

Other stuff

That's all folks. If you have comments or suggestions email CvsGui mailing list.
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