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** Latest: WinCvs (milestone) , MacCvsX-3.3-beta1 , gcvs-1.0 (stable) **

A set of GUI front-end for CVS written in C++ and distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL).

CvsGui features

  • Sophisticated graphical user interface helps to utilize full power of CVS for experts and quickly learn basics for beginers.
  • Native look-and-feel on Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux thanks to the use of popular GUI frameworks like MFC, CJLibrary, Metrowerks PowerPlant and gtk+.
  • Scripting support allows to easily automate, extend and customize common tasks.
  • Realtime sandbox view with visual indication of the local state of files.
  • Various filters to monitor any folder or all its subfolders in a flat view.
  • Command line support makes any CVS commands or command options not directly handled by GUI possible.
  • Repository tags, modules and files browser allows to easily enter command parameters.
  • Changes in the files can be verified using diff command or external diff application.
  • File revisions history can be displayed as a graph.
  • Supports text, binary and Unicode file types.
  • The type of the files is automatically detected upon import and add command.
  • Reserved edits help to organize team work.
  • Close cooperation with CVSNT project resulting in very dynamic and effective development of new features.
  • Full source code provided.

CvsGui distribution

CvsGui support reference CvsGui development Notes on CvsGui releases
  • WinCvs is the latest reportedly stable release.
  • MacCvs 3.3b1 is the release running on Mac OS X 10.4 and later.
  • MacCvs 3.1.x is the first stable release.
  • gCvs 1.0 is the first stable release.
  • It's always worth to try any development releases available from our download area.
Projects related to WinCvs/MacCvs/gCvs Links related to WinCvs/MacCvs/gCvs
  • Cvs home page
  • Pascal Molli's page
  • CS-RCS manages document revisions using RCS. It can interface with the Windows explorer.
  • CWCVS is a version control plug-in for Metrowerks. It uses MacCvs thru AppleEvents. It has been out there for a long time and it works great.
  • abCVS is the alike of CWCVS, but for Metrowerks for Windows!
  • Perl script that helps switching from VSS (MS Visual Source Safe) to CVS which can be found under
Other cvs user interfaces
  • MacCvsPro : a Macintosh cvs client written in C++.
  • MacCVSClient : a Macintosh cvs client written in C++ by Joerg Bullmann.
  • jCVS : a cvs client written in Java.
  • TkCVS : a cvs client written in Tcl/Tk.
  • SmartCVS, another Java-based cvs-client (based on Netbean's javacvs-library).
  • CVS for Dreamweaver is a CVS-integration extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver (available as a free Lite version and commercial Full version)
  • TamTam CVS SCC integrates CVS with Microsoft Visual Studio and other SCC compliant applications
File comparison and merge tools
  • WinMerge is an Open Source visual text file differencing and merging tool for Win32 platforms. Features include: diff / merge, directory comparison, directory recursion, horizontal diff, Visual SourceSafe integration, and a simple integrated editor.
  • Araxis Merge is a very powerful commercial diff and merge program for Windows.
  • xxdiff has some nice features (horizontal diffs, recursive directory diffs). It runs on Unix (IRIX, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX, DEC Tru64) and it's under GPL.
  • CSDiff is a free advanced file difference analysis tool for Windows 95/NT.
  • Guiffy is the quintessential cross-platform, visual source file / folder & tree, Compare/Merge utility and component. It's commercial and implemented in Java.
  • KDiff3 is a text diff and merge tool for KDE3 and MS-Windows distributed under GPL.
  • MacCvs has built-in support for using either CodeWarrior, BBEdit or FileMerge as external diff viewers and merge tools. However, it also allows to drive any other external application either directly or via shell scripts and/or AppleScript.
  • Grig Software offers shareware tools for file compare/merge and directories/archives synchronization.
  • Beyond Compare from Scooter Software is a commercial advanced file and folder comparison utility which also allows visual comparison of binaries (in hex view) and images via plugins.
  • ProxyDiff is a small Open Source tool that lets you use multiple external Diff tools from within WinCvs based on file extension. Also allows reformatting of input arguments.
  • ImageCompare is a (very) simple Open Source tool for Windows which which eases spotting differences in image files by offering three different views: side-by-side, stacked or overlayed (alpha-blended).
  • Compare Suite is a commercial tool that allows to compare wide range of file formats and server-side comparison.

That's all folks. If you have comments or suggestions email CvsGui mailing list.
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